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VAC connects people with opportunity to serve

VAC provides easy access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations in Lackawanna County. We link people who want to help - individuals, families, students, businesses and their employees, civic groups, and faith-based organizations - with places or issues where their time, talent and interest can be utilized effectively. We involve groups - students and adults - in episodic or short term volunteer opportunities.

VAC promotes volunteering

VAC raises awareness of the value of volunteering. Through volunteer fairs; media campaigns and speaking engagements, we encourage people to volunteer and provide information about volunteering. We promote national service days, such as Make a Difference Day and Join Hands Day.

VAC builds capacity for effective local volunteering

VAC helps agencies, businesses and others who work with Volunteers build their skills in recruiting, managing, retaining and recognizing volunteers. We share volunteer management resource Information, convene and advise professional associations.