During His ministry on earth, our Savior Jesus Christ served the poor, sick, and needy in one way or another. He was no respecter of persons when they came to beg for help. We follow His example by not discriminating against race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation in providing relief.

The man who is filled with the love of God is not satisfied with blessing only his family, but ga oes to the whole world, desiring to bless the entire human race.

That’s why The Church of Jesus Christ has donated more than $ 1 billion in cash and supplies to 167 countries that have needed humanitarian aid.

We are all called to participate in the eradication of poverty. They will ask themselves: How can I help the poor? What do I do to help the needy? Here you will find references that can give you ideas of what you can do to help in this cause.

We are humanitarian services that alleviate the suffering of families of all nationalities and religions, promote self-reliance, and provide opportunities for service. They fund their humanitarian projects through donations from people around the world, both members and non-members of the Church.

It is paramount to develop our own self-reliance and then seek to help others to also become self-sufficient. By being self-sufficient, we will have more resources and knowledge to help those in need. Among the principles of self-reliance are education and work.

We believe in the commandment of fasting that the Lord gave already in ancient times. When we fast for a day, we can feel more compassion for the poor and needy. In addition, we donate to the Church as a fast, offering the amount of money that we would have used on the meals that we have not consumed.

Members are invited to be as generous as we can with our fast offerings.

I have repeatedly reviewed these verses in order to understand what the Lord has decreed regarding self-reliance and what it means to do it His way. I bear personal testimony of the temporal and spiritual blessings of paying a full tithe and generously paying a fast offering. The Lord’s promises are fulfilled as we constantly strive to serve, share, and live the teachings of the Savior. Poverty is a condition that can be overcome by personal sacrifice, work, saving, obedience with accuracy, and a positive attitude.